1209 Post Roads

Old Rayon/Cotton Curtain (made by my mother in Brooklyn, 2002), Thread
Digital Printing, Machine Piecing, Free-motion Stitching, Japanese Stab Binding
3.5 x 5.5 inches
Made in New York and Singapore

1209 Post Roads is a series of screen captures of a single address in various different locations across the United States. Often, residential street names in American suburbs are designed to convey some kind of quality or distinction, depending on the aspirations of the communities that live there. But Post Roads are throughways from cities to suburbs whose simple names reference their long and fascinating histories as the main transportation routes for postal mail and other forms of communication. I happened to live on one of these Post Roads, at a particular address that was not unique. I know, because when I would map it, while lost in the suburbs upon first moving there, many other 1209 Post Roads would appear as alternate destinations. So, while dwelling in a region bursting with street names referencing nature and poets and presidents, I found myself drawn instead to the beautiful ordinariness and functionality of my own address and the connectedness of my location to others.