B-PLOT makes coverings, books, and other things. 


Plot as piece of ground, also storyline
To plot as to map-make, also to scheme
B is for sub- because less can be more
For secondary or supporting, like some say craft is to art
And because Plan B may have been the better plan all along

Jess Blaustein is an artist based in New York City and Singapore. She operates B-PLOT and is the co-founder of STUDIOOSS Applied Arts Collective, a multidisciplinary design studio with a commitment to fine craft. With backgrounds across design, craft, and the humanities, she works at the intersections of architecture, material, and text. She has a Ph.D. in literature, a vintage Bernina 830, three little boys, and a dog named after Djuna Barnes. [CV] [Artist Statement]


plot (v.)  1580s, "to lay plans for" (usually with evil intent); 1590s in the literal sense of "to make a map or diagram," from plot (n.). Related: Plotted; plotter; plotting. 

plot (n.)  Old English plot "small piece of ground," of unknown origin. Sense of "ground plan," and thus "map, chart" is 1550s; that of "a secret, plan, scheme" is 1580s, probably by accidental similarity to complot, from Old French complot "combined plan," of unknown origin, perhaps a back-formation from compeloter "to roll into a ball," from pelote "ball." Meaning "set of events in a story" is from 1640s. Plot-line (n.) attested from 1957.  

plat (n.)  "piece of ground," 1510s, a variant of plot (n.) assimilated to Middle English plat (adj.) "flat," which is from Old French plat "flat, stretched out" (see plateau (n.)). (Online Etymology Dictionary)

B  Often indicating "second in order." B-movie is by 1939, usually said to be so called from being the second, or supporting, film in a double feature. Some film industry sources say it was so called for being the second of the two films major studios generally made in a year, and the one cast with less headline talent and released with less promotion. And early usage varies with grade-B movie, suggesting a perceived association with quality. B-side of a gramophone single is by 1962 (flip-side is by 1949). 

B-girl, abbreviation of bar girl, U.S. slang for a woman paid to encourage customers at a bar to buy her drinks, is by 1936. (Online Etymology Dictionary)

subplot  (n.) 1 : a subordinate plot in fiction or drama  2 : a subdivision of an experimental plot of land (Merriam-Webster) 

subplot  (n.) a part of the story of a book or play that develops separately from the main story (Cambridge Dictionary)