All the Places I Lived in New York City, or, I Barely Knew You

Organic Cotton, Cotton Fleece, Bamboo Fleece, Batting, Thread
Hand and machine appliqued, Free-motion quilted
82 x 61 inches
Made in New York + Singapore

Oftentimes, our personal identites are tied to places – places lived, imagined, remembered, left, or lost. All the Places I lived In New York City, or I Barely Knew You, throws into relief my own geographical patterns of belonging as a New York City dweller for almost two decades against the backrop of all those parts of the city I never knew at all. It is a record of settling that is also unsettling, because our identities are constituted as much by the places we don’t see as they are propped up by the ones that we do.

Photography: Laura Miller / Model: Haley Weiner